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October 28, 2020: In their Book Bytes series on YouTube, the folks at the Lester Public Library in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (birthplace of the ice cream sundae!) review Mayday 1971: “An excellent nonfiction read. Beginning with the bombing of the U.S. Senate, journalist Roberts brings to life Nixon’s Washington, D.C. in the spring of 1971… A vivid history of a passionate protest, told by someone who was actually there.”

October 1, 2020: In the Washington Post, John Kelly writes that Mayday 1971 is “fascinating.. a sweeping account of the protests, told from multiple points of view, from the counterculture figures who planned the protests to the law enforcement and Justice Department leaders who tried to deal with them, from the hippies who took part to the public defenders who had to deal with the legal aftermath. It’s impossible to read Mayday 1971 without thinking of our own recent summer of unrest — and the autumn of discontent we face.”

September 24, 2020: Powell’s City of Books hosts Roberts in conversation about Mayday 1971, with Barry Johnson of Oregon ArtsWatch: “There were heroes, but not everything they did was heroic. There were villains, but not everything they did was wrong. And of course there was some sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.”

September 10, 2020: In the New York Journal of Books, reviewer Mark I. Pinsky writes, “Roberts shows that Nixon and others in the White House were even more cynical in handling the arrests and the aftermath than the demonstrators imagined.”

August 31, 2020: An interview with Roberts on “Get Up,” with Michael Causey, WOWD-FM radio in Maryland: “This was all happening when Nixon was hoping to use ‘law and order’ again as a wedge in his re-election campaign.”

August 30, 2020: Roberts discusses Mayday 1971 with Riley Callahan of the History Does You podcast in Denver: “Nixon was very good at stirring up fears. What we don’t know yet is whether voters today are going to be as easily swayed.”

August 26, 2020: Roberts is interviewed about Mayday 1971 by David Stewart of the Boston magazine, The Arts Fuse: “One lesson is that when a country feels like it’s really gone off on the wrong track, a social movement that finds a way to express that dissent in the streets can really make a difference.”

August 13, 2020: “In Mayday 1971, author Lawrence Roberts…relates the shameful story of what happened that year like a mystery writer,” Paul D. Pearlstein writes in the Washington Independent Review of Books.

August 6, 2020: In the New York Times: “Nixon Also Called in the Military Against Protesters. He Just Covered it Up.”

August 5, 2020: New Mother Jones podcast on Mayday 1971, “An Unhinged President Declares War on Protesters. No, not Trump.”

July 31, 2020: Lawrence Roberts joined the conversation on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio with Joe Donahue: “The people who wrote the Constitution made it quite clear that dissent would be a major feature of American politics.”

July 30, 2020: An excerpt from Mayday 1971 is published by Literary Hub: “Endless War, Social Upheaval and a White House Unleashing Violence on Protestors.”

July 30, 2020: Reviewing Mayday 1971 in the Christian Science Monitor, Terry W. Hartle calls the book “a coherent, fast moving, and fascinating story.”

July 30, 2020: The author joined the conversation on “The Brian Lehrer Show” on WNYC: “The movement against the Vietnam War was one of the great social movements in American history, but has faded in memory… its history deserves to be told.”

July 29, 2020: An excerpt from Mayday 1971 is published by Mother Jones: “An embattled president. A mass movement. A military used against citizens. We’ve been here before.”

July 22, 2020: In the Wall Street Journal, reviewer Frank Gannon writes, “Award-winning investigative reporter Lawrence Roberts tells the story superbly from start to finish… With a talent for research and an eye for colorful detail, Mr. Roberts presents a lot of new and overlooked material… Mayday has been paid less attention than other protests of the period, and its significance overlooked. Mr. Roberts’ first-rate book redresses that imbalance.”

June 29, 2020: Mayday 1971 is a “deeply researched” and a “sterling…well-written” account of what may well be the Vietnam era’s most significant season of protest, says reviewer Marc Leepson, writing in the magazine of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

May 18, 2020: Roberts’ op-ed in the New York Times: “Forty Years Later, Lessons for the Pandemic From Mount St. Helens.”

April 29, 2020: Historian Ron Jacobs reviews Mayday 1971 in CounterPunch magazine, calling it “a masterful chronicle of this particular historical moment… Such a book has been a long time coming.”

April 7, 2020: Library Journal names Mayday 1971 one of 2020’s “most anticipated debut books.”



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